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Tips to encourage your daughter to love her natural hair

I look back on my childhood and recall washday horrors: my hair being a tangled mess and the comb being raked though my dry hair. Oh the cornrows were so tight that a day later I was still wincing in pain every time I turned my head in a certain direction. It was a relief when my hair was chemically treated at age 10!

I’m sure many type 4 naturals can relate to my experiences, so if you want your child to love her natural hair, follow these tips:

  1. Wear your natural hair and talk positively about it.
  2. Your daughter will see the loving relationship (not love/hate) with your natural hair and emulate that. You are her idol, so lead by example. Also, don’t use negative terms when talking about natural hair: not nappy, tough, kayah nor bumbo brush (insert cultural expression).
  3. Practice good natural hair habits when dealing with her hair. Avoid combing when dry and avoid fine tooth comb at all costs. Don’t leave her with memories of pain that will foster a negative relationship with her hair.
  4. Invest in good products that are suitable for her hair type. The products that are suitable for your hair may not be the best for hers. Depending on her age, kid range products might be best.
  5. Get her a cute satin bonnet. Her hair should be protected at nights so get her a cute bonnet that she’ll enjoy wearing to bed. You could make her a bonnet in her favourite colours and with symbols of her favourite Disney characters.
  6. Let her participate in styling decisions. Ask her how she would like to wear her hair and guide her choices with information about healthy hair choices: protective styling etc. Show her pictures of different hair styles that are suitable for her hair type and let her choose.
  7. Buy her natural hair dolls. Natural hair is not very popular in the media, so it’s important to counter that with beautiful images in her likeness.  She will subconsciously learn not to rely on the media for her standard of beauty.  What are your childhood memories of your natural hair? At what age was your hair chemically treated? Leave your comments below and share blog with your friend.

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